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Craig Walcott’s favorite quote is from former United States President, Teddy Roosevelt.  Paraphrased, it says, “I would rather suffer a hundred failures than count myself among those timid souls who never know great success nor failure because they never tried.”

In looking at Craig’s background, one thing is true, he has an incredibly varied past that proves his love for challenges! Craig says that he is “a very unorthodox learner, and tends to just jump in with both feet and start swimming!”

Prior to establishing his current 100,000 associate network marketing organization, Craig had honed his business skills in several different areas. After relocating to Colorado from Massachusetts in 1980, he was a U.S. Army Test Pilot. After his stint as an Army Pilot, he became a Chartered Financial Consultant, leading his agency for two years before starting his own financial planning service. During that time, he was involved in numerous real estate projects and also started and built a number of conventional small businesses.

By the age of 36, Craig became very aware of the fact that he was spending more and more time away from his wife and two children, the people he cared the most about in the world. And so began his search for an escape from “the rat race.” In 1989 he was introduced to Network Marketing through the company, NuSkin. He was so excited about this great business opportunity, that he quickly became one of the fastest growing stars in Colorado. Craig has gone on to build three more large network marketing organizations.

In his latest venture,  Craig pulled all of his experience, knowledge and mentorship to create a team of over 100,000 ++ associates in the United States and 8 other Countries. He describes himself as a “lifestyle coach,” because he helps people create financial freedom and then to "Live a Life they Love" . Thousands of people would love to exit the rat race but most people cannot see an alternative to the daily grind they are stuck in. At last count, Craig says that he has helped over thirty-five people become “income millionaires”, it's not easy but you could become number 36 (if you pass the test)

It is Craig’s love for people, and his devotion to helping them achieve their wildest dreams that inspires and motivates him. In order to help as many people as possible, Craig is constantly learning from the top producers in the network marketing industry but that's not where he stops. To achieve the higher income levels in MLM you must move at a much faster rate than most teachers teach. "Sponsoring one or two customers/distributors a month will not get you into a six figure income", says Craig. "You need to create a machine that gets you 20 or 30 people a month" , and he has done much better than that. Craig has developed systems that sponsored 600 people in 90 days! No wonder he is successful. He has now created one of the fastest growing and most successful teams of entrepreneurs in the country. And his team has not even begun to see the type of success that Craig expects to see in the years to come. While MLM is still a people business my internet programs can be used by anyone to increase their recruitment efforts 10X.  “I don't work with many people anymore but I am constantly looking for that special person who wants a better life and is willing to work for it. It's unfortunate but the simple fact is that most people are not willing to do what it takes to be successful, successful people do what unsuccessful people won't do. Success in Network Marketing is a rather simple thing and anyone can do it. The special talent I have is hard work and persistence. When I see a person who is willing to learn and finds failure unacceptable then I know I have found a winner!” “I think you get what you settle for in life! So you might as well settle for success!”

In order to be coached by Craig and his team, there are two requirements, attitude and work ethic. "As my Father-In-Law and Mentor taught me, Attitude is Everything !" With a positive, successful attitude and a willingness to work hard, Craig can help anyone change his or her circumstances within a year. He has a winning track record to prove it!

Craig’s years of experience in the traditional business world, and Network Marketing profession has given him insight and understanding into this soon to be trillion-dollar industry that few others have or will ever have. His experience has led him to  Network Marketing because it is there that Craig believes that the “average guy” can be wildly successful. His company has a foundation of high integrity and has only one goal, to serve its customers and distributors first!

Craig has become a total proponent of Network Marketing. “It is the one place where an ordinary person can work hard, learn from successful people, believe in themselves, and create the life they love.” No alarm clock, no boss, no employees, no rush hour traffic, no glass ceiling, no kidding.

Just ask Craig about his life, and he will tell you “it is to die for!”  He summers in Alaska, roams the foothills of Colorado hunting for the fall, the winter may find him touring the country in his RV, fishing the "Keys" or visiting the Yucatan. With lap-top and smart phone assisting his team can be accomplished from any one of the worlds playgrounds.  He loves to ride his vintage Norton Combat Commando motorcycle, and still enjoys flying small aircraft. It is here that we are reminded of an Abraham Lincoln quote, “People are about as happy as they want to be” Craig says that applies fiances as well. "In America people can be as wealthy as they want to be. Here anyone can be wildly successful and anyone telling you different is lying !"  Let Craig help you move on to better things!


Getting "Coached" by Craig is as close to a guarantee of success as you'll get in this life.  He says, if you believe in the truth  of mathematics , success is a forgone conclusion. In fact Craig offers a $1,000 guarantee for success, he will take your goals plus time then provide a road map to achieve them. If you follow the plan and don't hit those goals the $1,000 is your !

The incredible thing about Craig is..... he doesn't want your money, what he demands is your commitment to your goals and ability to learn. "If you aren't willing to change you've already reached your highest potential"

That said don't expect something for nothing, people elect politicians because they think they are getting something for nothing, real life plus integrity tells us that nothing of value ever comes without a price tag. You have to be willing to do the work but if you will do your part Craig will show you his secret to Mathematics that guarantees your success.

Some of Craig's ultra successful projects
  • A 30 Minute radio interview with DR Wallach of "Dead Doctor's Don't Lie" fame which aired on Christian radio stations across the nation.   Results, 600 people in 90 days !
  • A website that produced 5-10 customers per day with zero advertising costs
  • A newspaper add that produced 30-40 leads per day..
  • Implemented a recruiting system than produced 120,000 distributors in 1 company/downline.
  • Social Networking systems that garner hundreds of leads     PER DAY !  

Craig Walcott is the Real Deal, apply to be coached by him and you just might hit the jackpot !
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